Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 at 11:47 PM

Hey Mom. If I can't e-mail today I will E-mail tomorrow. I love you!! Computers are down at the library. Love you!!!
Elder Mitchy Dial
... April 29, 2013 at1:37 PM
I can email (: but momma!!!! putting the 8 pack thing on the blog!! hahhahahahahaha now that is embarrassing! esta bien. but this week I am just putting a smile on my face and it was a lot better!!! Even with the companions! I have just learned to do my own thing with them. Just read my scriptures or something like that. I feel sooo bad for Cort. Tell Hannah To email ME!!!! I want to see how she is doing!!!!!! you will only be a few hours away from me!!!! haha but that's okay. We have a baptism this week. Which is really exciting.  Her name is Alicia and I am doing the confirmation in sacrament meeting. Which is kind of nerve racking haha but it will be okay!!! Thank you for all of the pictures!!! I love them! they are so stinking cute!!!! How are things at home?? everything going well?? Send everyone my love!!!! I love the people here. I know I am here for a purpose. It might just be finding who I am. But that is okay!!! haha I am growing every day!! And tell Tailor I can still take her on. haha Matt is almost coming home!!! that is sooooo crazy. Soon it will be me. I love you!!! If I think of something else. I will email it to you haha I love you!
Love Elder Mitchy Dial
I'm looking at the room... is it clean? Not sure...
This week's lesson... If you don't have much stuff you can't have much mess! :)

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