Thursday, April 11, 2013

March 14, 2013, at 10:01 AM

I am going to try to send pictures today!! It will just be in a little bit!!! But my companion is from Rexburg, Idaho. He just barely graduated a couple weeks ago and graduated early. So he is a youngen. Actually, he does not snore. And neither to I supposedly haha but we might have some new elders coming in tomorrow. And I never received an email from whitney. But I will have a little letter for her for the letters I send home because I feel bad I didn't talk to her!!!!! But the work here is great!!! Last week I learned patience, this week has been a humbling week. The days are extremely long. But filled with the spirit!!!!! I am so tired every night, but it is really amazing.  Tell everybody I say HOLA! haha thank you for the cookies though. I am trying so hard to save them and not eat them all in one sitting! It is so hard!!! haha But if you send Cafe Rio make sure that you can hide the smell. Because I heard if they can smell it they will take it out. It is crazy how much we take advantage of all of the things around us. The beauty of nature for example!!!! Being outside with family and friends!!!! Going hunting with ry and dad. I have really learned how to apreciate everything around me. I told lexi this, but read Mosiah 14. WOW!!!!!!!!!! I love this work and I love you mom and dad!!!! Tell my hermano y hermanas that I love them!!!! Send the neices and nephew my love!!!! Tell tai that she comes up on my mind every once in a while ;) Just kidding Tai, love you to death haha but Kay and Ry!!!!!! I think the world of you, and i look up to you so much!!!!! You have been such an inspiration in my life. I miss ya! I look forward to you drawing out that tag! I love you! haha KING WHITNEY!! I truly miss you harassing me a little bit haha but i love you!!!! you are a huge part in my life!!! You go find yourself some chocolate treat if you know what I mean (: I love you!!!!!! Shay!!! thank you for the workout stuff!!! Barry, they have weights here so I am taking advantage of that! Even though shay and whitney harass me I still miss you! you are truly amazing!!!!! Even though we fought so much. here is a kiss on the forehead haha. I love you!!!!  Mom and Dad!!!! I love you both so much!!!!!!! You are truly one of the biggest reasons why I am here. I love you two soooooo much!!! I just can't help but thinking about love when I am out here in the mission field!!! I couldn't ask for better parents than you two. Tell the young ones that I love them so much. Give jeter a hug and a kiss for me!!!! That was very nice of Lexi to come over. She is such a sweet thing!!!!! There is work to be done!!!! I love you all so much!!!! Send the family my love.
Hasta Luego!!!
Elder Dial


This weeks lesson... put a young man in a building, only let him out a little at a time,
 and he realizes how much he loves the world!!

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