Monday, December 29, 2014

Dec 29, 2014, at 7:27 AM

Hey momma! How are you doing???? I am on pretty early today because we needed to put in some stats about that video from the church. How are you doing???? I am good. I am going to have another companion and He is a gringo! Which is a white guy. Haha It will be awesome. I have no idea who he is I haven't met him yet. We are going to work.
Well. I gotta go. I love you and thank you for everything.  Thank you for your love and your prayers. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week's lesson... No time to rest, six weeks left and work, work, work!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Thu, Dec 25 8:25 AM

What a Great Christmas!!!!  Happy Day!!!!

Dear Brother and Sister Dial,


Merry Christmas from the Peru Lima South Mission! We are so very grateful for the opportunity we have to be here in Peru serving the Lord in this special time in which we celebrate his birth. We are so grateful for the loving sacrifice you make to allow us to serve with your child and allowing us to take care of them.


In this very special season, we wish to give you a photo of your missionary taken this last week at our mission Christmas conferences!


It is our wish that our missionaries and their families know how much we love and care about them, just as the savior does. We invite all to watch the following video which focuses on the birth of our Savior, He is the Gift.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



President and Sister Douglas

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

‎Monday‎, ‎December‎ ‎22‎, ‎2014 ‎12‎:‎28‎ ‎PM

Hello mom! how are you doing?? I am doing good. That is great that Garrett is doing good and that he came over! I am going to probably call in a couple of hours more or less. I got the package. No I haven't eaten all the candy, but I am working on it. haha
Well. MOm. I gotta go. I love you soooo much. Thank you for everything. We shall talk in a couple of days. I love you soooo much! Thank you for your prayers. I love you!
Please tell everyone I say Merry Christmas. I don't have any more time left. I love you!
This week's lesson.....Happy Birthday to Mitchy!!!!
We Love our Elder Dial!!
Harman Family Christmas Party...

Welcome home Elder Plant!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

‎Monday‎, ‎December‎ ‎15‎, ‎2014

Hello MOmma! How are you doing??? That is awesome to see all of the Dial family! Time is going by quick. I am sorry. I forgot my camera to send pictures. This past week was a good week. A little low. But we have a awesome family with a baptismal date and there names are jean carlos and sabina. they have a baby and they are progressing a ton. How are you doing???
On Christmas I will be calling around 12 o clock here. I have no idea what time that will be there. right now it is 1:04 in the afternoon. All I need is a skype account and a password. haha and The video He is the gift.
Yep! I love you momma!!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!
This week's lesson...Happy Birthday to Mitchy!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 9:21AM

That is awesome! haha How are you doing momma? How is dad doing? This past week has been a little bit low here.I found out that I am going to make the pre call the 22 of December hahahaha but it can only be 3 minutes. I thought that was pretty funny. We are really trying to look for families and we are really trying to get people to go to the temple. Now we dont really focus on baptism, once they get baptized we try to get them started on family history and get to the temple. Out of like 150 recent converts that have gone to the temple only 2 are not active. That is pretty awesome. And I found out that one of my converts Marcos from Chincha is going on a mission in January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was awesome to hear.
Today we might watch some videos with the elders. It is a day to kind of relax today and do pretty much nothing. haha I am probably going to read my book of Mormon or something like that. I feel tired.
Thank you. Momma. Thank you for everything. I am really grateful to be the son of you and dad. Thank you for everything. I love you!!!!!!!!!!! I will talk to you next week! I love you!

This week's lesson... "For the temple is a holy place, where we are sealed together. As a child of God I've learned this truth;


Friday, December 5, 2014

Mon, Dec 1, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Hello momma! I am doing good! How are you doing? This past week we had a pretty good week. I am pretty tired. I am grateful it is pday. haha The Lord really blessed us this past week. We ended up finding 18 new investigators with four families. We put one of the families with a baptismal date. He is a great guy. He is atheist and wants to know if God lives. We taught the restoration and he accepted baptism and he is going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. It was amazing.  How are you doing??? Today we are going to go to the beach.Ya summer is coming on. haha. Mom how is the daily prayer and daily scripture study as a family??Thank you for everything mom! I love you so much and thank you for everything. I hope you have a great week momma. You are the best mom I could ever have. Thank you for loving me. I love you!

This week's lesson...again, "to everything there is a season" and in Peru, summer is coming! I think I am a little jealous. ;)

Happy birthday pops! The Best dad EVER!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Nov 24, 2014, at 9:21 AM

Hello mom! How are you doing??? Things here are doing good. This past week we saw a miracle. haha This week we had to find 10 people. Going into yesterday we only had found 2 investigators the whole week. And yesterday we ended up finding 8 new investigators. Heavenly Father gave us a miracle. haha We ended up having 2 baptisms. I don't really know them very well yet. But I got to baptize one of them which was pretty cool. Today we have planned  nothing to do. haha today is a day to relax. We have been pretty tired. How are you doing??  

But mom I gotta go. I love you and thank you for everything that you have done for me. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week's lesson.... This Thursday is thanksgiving so have a week full of gratitude.

In the picture with all the people President Parque that is on the left cracks me up haha
on the right is the branch president and the sister that was baptized is Yoselin.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

‎Tuesday‎, ‎November‎ ‎18‎, ‎2014 ‎11‎:‎00‎ ‎AM

Hello momma! How are you doing??? Well now I am out in the middle of nowhere about 3 hours from Lima in a place called Cañete. About 30 minutes outside of the city of Cañete in a place called Quilmana. It is a great place. It is a young branch that have an attendance of about 70 every week. Ya it is going to be great to have a new experience. This new place reminds me a lot of Tabiona and Duchesne haha  It is an awesome place. My new companion is from Switzerland or however you spell it. His parents are from Peru but he was born there. He knows Spanish, French, and German which is pretty cool. How are you doing?? I am doing good.  I am excited to serve here. I was ready for a change.  
My suitcases are doing good. I have already bought some things. Well momma. My time is about up. Thank you for everything mom. I love you and thank you for everything. I will email you next Monday. I love you!
This week's lesson...
The middle of nowhere is a great place to serve!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Nov 10, 2014, at 1:04 PM

Hello Momma. I am doing good. That is awesome!!!!!! I am glad that everything came out good for the primary program. This past week was a good week. I am pretty tired. Something I have really learned is patience haha But How is shay???? the pictures are awesome!!!!!
This week we ended up having a family that we are teaching come to church. They showed up after sacrament meeting but at least they came! haha
ummmmm.... Something that we have seen is a change when we talk about the atonement in every lesson. It has been pretty amazing to see the miracles on how the people feel the spirit and come to church. The atonement cures everything.
I love you and thank you for everything that you have done for me. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week's lesson... The atonement, our miracle cure!
What perfection looks like .....


Monday, November 3, 2014

Mon, 3 Nov 2014 12:05

How are you doing??? Things here are good. I have not been feeling to good. This Sunday we ended up seeing lots of miracles. With investigators and recent converts. There is a brother named Omar and he has a lot of fear to know if the book of Mormon is true. We talked to him about the atonement and reading the book of Mormon. How there is 1440 minutes in a day and the Lord only asks us to read 15 minutes. haha And now he is reading 20 minutes every day! It was awesome. Talking about the atonement this past week has lead us to see miracles. I love you momma!!!!! I gotta go!!!!!!!!!!

this week's lesson... 15 out of 1,440 isn't so much to ask right?

Halloween at the Dial's


Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Oct 27, 2014, at 12:49 PM

Hello momma. This past week has been kind of crazy! haha Yesterday we ended up teaching and finding a family of less actives. I did a lot better in writing my journal this past week!!!!! haha Shay is still pregnant!!!!!!!! crazy haha  How are you doing????
Ummmm.. We are really focusing on the less actives right now. And through them and the keys of the bishop we will find the chosen. So we are really trying to work with that. We had a training with President which was awesome. He talked a lot about how the mission is a trial. I give testimony to that! haha But it is amazing. We are part of the army of God. That is something pretty cool to think about.
I cant look at Ely's blog. I am sorry.... Haha What is his email?  Well momma, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and thank you for everything that you have done for me. I love you sooooo much. Thank you for everything! I love you!

This week's lesson...Missionaries....yes yes they are part of the army of God!!!

Haha that is awesome!!!!!!!!

(Hoping this is not offensive to anyone....
 we love to pretend on Halloween!!!)
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Oct 20, 2014, at 10:56 AM

Hello mom!!!!!!!!! I am doing good.  I am glad that everything is going good. This past week all of the people with a baptismal date came to church which was awesome. We had an investigator read the whole book of 1st nephi in 2 days. It was awesome. haha

5 Great things that happened this week.

All of the people with a date came to church.
We took a recent convert to the temple.
Church was awesome.
We have 3 progressing.
And much faith and plans to help the ward out in their missionary efforts (:

Well mom. I love you and I am going to send pictures! I love you sooooo much!!!!!!!! (: THank you for everything mom. I will talk to you next week. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey paps. I heard you might have hurt the knee. How are you doing???? What have you learned from your scriptures this past week???? Things here are good. I am fighting. I am in a personal war. But I am going to come on top. How did murray do??? This past week we took a recent convert to the temple with her own family history! It is awesome!!!!!!!!! Something I did not know and learned that when we start to do our family history, satan loses power in our lives. That was from general conference. It was awesome. I love you dad. Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!

This week's lesson.... I'll stand for truth, I'll stand for right, the Lord can depend on me!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

‎Monday‎, ‎October‎ ‎13‎, ‎2014 ‎12‎:‎31‎ ‎PM

Hello mom! How are you doing??? I am doing good. The conference was awesome! They talked a ton about parents and thank you for being the best parents and for all of your patience and love!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the prophets talk. Also from elder Scott. That was an awesome talk. This past week has been good. This past week it was a little low on teaching, but we just need to find more less actives to teach. Today we are going to hike to a huge Christ statue.  Then after we have 4 lessons planned for the day. No, it is not the same statue that I sent a picture of,  It is a different one. And It is a lot bigger. haha Time is going by quick. Already 20 months. I want to give it my all these 4 months. How is it going reading the scriptures daily and daily prayers in the morning and night??? 
So, Court is in Ayacucho?  That is where I was haha and there they also speak qechua. haha  (I asked what food he is looking forward to eating when he comes home...) I just want a good steak from dad. haha also I want mexican food. haha cafe rio to be specific haha but how are you doing??? Thank you for everything mom. I gotta go. I love you so much. Thank you for everything. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

This week's lesson... Elder Dial is teaching others to come unto Christ... and it is a lot more than hiking to a statue but that sounds like a lot of fun! 


the Dial Family celebrates Halloween at Gardner Village...