Monday, April 22, 2013

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Hey mom and dad!!!! This week has been better!!! It is crazy how satan tries to make such small things turn into big things. I am just trying to put a smile on my face. But did you get my letter??
Yesterday I ate a chili and it is called chili de amor. Oh my goodness it was so hott!!!!! I had tears running down my face!!! haha
I am so thankful for prayer. I always have my heavenly father to talk to. I love him so much for that. The homesickness is on and off. But I am doing pretty good!!! The companions are good than bad. Good than bad. Kind of a roller coaster but it is getting better!!! I think haha But I have spent so much time on my knees it is crazy!!!! I have no word on my Visa yet. it is alright though. I am doing my best!!!
The people that I am teaching, there is a family and it is kind of sad because the husband told the wife that he didn't want to be with her for eternity. But we are trying to work on that. I think their daughter would get baptized any day but we are trying to make it so the daughter and the mom can get baptized on the same day. There is another one that is really interested, he went to a baptism and church the other week which is good. (: To be honest. I am just trying to always have a smile on my face.
Its cool, my roomates say I have a 8 pack (:(:(: I guess there is a such thing!!! haha but I have been working out pretty hard to get rid of my nerves. I love it haha   That and praying have helped me a lot (:

The work is going good!!!! God is always there for anyone that needs him!!!! I miss you all so much!!!!! But I need to get to work!!! Love you all!!!
Love Elder Dial

This week's Lesson... Prayer and Works (and nerves) . . . can give you an 8-pack!!    :)

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