Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday Apr 28, 2014

Hey momma! I dont know how it is going to work for mothers day. That would be great if Lexi could come. I am pretty sure we will do what we did the last time. This past week was a little rough. Today I have lived in the bathroom haha We ended up having two baptisms which was great!
I have not got the package yet. Hopefully tomorrow!
In my new area, there are trees. Some pine trees. Some other trees. it is a lot greener than Lima. That is for sure. Haha Thank you for everything momma. I gotta go. I love you! I will send a pic. next week of the area. Love ya
This week's lesson......We get to talk to Elder Mitchy in two weeks... I think I will start celebrating now.....WAAAAHHHOOOOOO!
Congratulations to a couple of new members...

                         He looks so good out there. I am so proud. Haha

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