Monday, September 29, 2014

‎Monday‎, ‎September‎ ‎29‎, ‎2014 ‎1‎:‎43‎ ‎PM

I am doing good. I did not feel the earthquake. do you know where it was at? The temple was nice. This past week we had a pretty good week. We found 2 or 3 families and put I think 2 new investigators with a baptismal date. I am thankful to be here in the mission.
The season here right now is winter still I believe. Or spring. I have no idea to be honest haha on my birthday it starts summer.
Thank you for everything momma! I love you. I love you and thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!
Hey paps. How are you doing?? things here are going good. This next week here in peru we are not going to be able to watch general conference because it is voting here in peru. So the church does not contend with that so we have to wait two weeks for general conference. We found a family doing a service. haha We helped carry metal rods up a mountain. It was awesome. How are you doing??? I am good. Thanks for everything paps. Love ya!
This week's lesson... to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven....

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