Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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Hey Momma. This past week have been good.   Thank you for your email.  I am in the same area and I have a new companion named elder Paredes. He is from Cusco and he has about three months in the mission. He just barely finished his training. I am still serving in Ayacucho.  My companion before and I had a talk. I told him about 100 percent obedience and now he understands. It was awesome. Thank you for your email.  but I am glad that you had a good time (:
Oh and I finally got the package you sent before easter. haha the temple recommend holders are awesome!
Thank you momma. I gotta go. But thanks mom. I love you mom

This week's lesson.... Easter in July (finally got the package)...hmmmm.... sounds SWEET!
1st. Elder Torres and I.   
2nd. Beto and I.
3rd.  Sister Deyda. The sister in the purple is the sister that we baptized.
  4th. Is elder Cutipa and I. another missionary in the zone
1st.   My district         
 2nd.   Get the camera out of my face! haha
The Family in Yellowstone...

HOWL!! Owwooooooo!!
There was a SUPER MOON while we were there...

Hannah's Picture... SO CUTE!


Do you see the masked man in the left side of the mountain? ...I am ZORRO!



 The FEAST... Loved the Dress-ups and the Feast Aunt Penny!
I .... am ZORRO!!

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