Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Monday Mar 3, 2014, at 10:49 AM

Hello momma! This past week was a good week. We had the baptism of Elizabeth. The sister that I was talking about when we had the spiritual experiences. I got to baptize her on Thursday on my year mark which was pretty sweet! It was a good present for the year mark. We did good finding new investigators and working with the members this past week. I am really happy to be here on the mission and to serve my Heavenly Father.

Right now no it is not cool. No, It is still pretty warm here. haha. in may it starts to get colder. It is just the opposite from there. (:
 haha And yes I got the 2 packages (: thank you for the book! It was awesome! (: in the next package you send could you send 3 toothepastes please. That should be good till I get home. Other than that everything is good! haha OH. And some gel soles for my shoes. The shoes are great. But I just need some new soles haha 

Oh and I probably wont write till Wednesday. Because this week we have changes. I love you mom!

This week's lesson... being able to Baptize Elizabeth and Confirming the Gift of the Holy Ghost as a present for his year mark.... what a Great Gift to both!

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