Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday, Nov 4, 2013, at 10:17 AM

Hey momma!!!!! How are you doing? I am doing great. We were so blessed this past week. They celebrated Halloween a little bit. Not like in the states. I am guessing you were a cat from the picture hahaha
 This past week I received my new companion and his name is Elder Perez. He is from Trujillo and He has been out for a year this month. He is awesome! So spiritual. Wow, Right now I am just really thankful. All I studied this past week was the atonement. I am so excited that I get to learn the scriptures and lose myself in the work.
No I have not received my package. Hopefully it arrives haha
This past week was really spiritual with elder perez. He is a very humble elder. But this past week we put 5 more people with a baptismal date.
 First is Rosario. She is finally realizing the role of the atonement in her life and how Jesus Christ works within us. And her daughter is 8. She is awesome. Another is Magali. She is awesome. She has a testimony of everything that we are teaching her. The other is Ramiro. The only problem with him is going to Church. And the other is Manuel. He is having troubles and we are struggling to find him. He is awesome though. The other is Marcos. He is absolutely awesome haha The other is Cezar. He is awesome also. But he lives with his girlfriend. So we are going to work on that. They are all awesome. I am so grateful to be here! 
The Spanish is coming slowly and steadily. Haha Well momma. I gotta go. I love you so much and I will talk to you in a week!!!!!! I love you!!!!! (:
Elder Mitchy Dial
This weeks lesson...Happy Halloween...I dressed up as the
scariest thing I could think of...


More pictures from Elder Dial's family...Happy Halloween! ooooh scary!!





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