Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013

I am here safe and sound! Things here a very very different haha but that is okay. I am a little nervous but I will be okay. haha a change in the Bishopric? Why is that?  how is everything going there? Everything good? And to be honest I think I am here with a temp. VISA because when I had my interview with the president he kept saying these next 6 months instead of these next 18 and a half months haha So I dont know if I have my VISA. Mondays are still my pdays. I dont know why they have lanes in the streets hahahaha they dont use them. hahahaha but it is fun. Hardly no English. My companion knows a little bit of english so that is good. It is very very different,  but mostly just nerves I think. But it will come. I dont really know how things work here and all of that with the missionary work. But I am going to do my best to leave this area better than what I found it. I am probably going to be with this companion until he goes home because he has one more transfer after this.My new companion is from Mexico and he is an awesome guy. His name is Elder Bernal. I am a little nervous with the Spanish but it will come haha. Well I love you. 
Elder Mitchy Dial
This weeks lesson.... The only way to learn patience is to experience it... and now ...
                                                               Love Elder Dial's reflection in the city...


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  1. Soooo glad he made it to Peru!!!. He looks great, we love Elder Dial!!!.